Delivering world class and personalised healthcare offerings

Meraas Healthcare will complement the existing landscape by introducing offerings that support Dubai’s positioning as a key destination for medical tourism

Meraas Healthcare is a division that aims to support Dubai’s 2021 medical tourism strategy through addressing its immediate preventive healthcare needs and encouraging patients to seek treatment locally, rather than travelling abroad.

Meraas Healthcare will shape a community-based, innovative, and patient-centric healthcare network that offers a wide range of preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up patient services all within one seamless integrated system. The new division will translate Meraas’ strategic vision to contribute to the Dubai Medical Tourism Strategy that aims to attract 500,000 medical tourists to the Emirate by 2020.

Meraas Healthcare will roll out a holistic approach to diagnostic and outpatient care services, through its ‘state-of-the-art’ designed facilities and integrated technologies. The division will provide up-to-date medical and healthcare solutions that help enhance the holistic wellness of individuals and families alike.

Featured Heathcare

A selection of our key Healthcare offering across the Meraas portfolio.

Valiant Clinic

Valiant Clinic is a premium, multi-specialty outpatient clinic with a specific focus on preventive healthcare and wellness programs. In line with Dubai’s 2021 vision and working alongside the Dubai healthcare sector, Valiant Clinic defines and distinguishes itself through the quality of its phycisians, professionals, staff, the innovation of its services, and its cutting-edge medical equipment and technology.

Valiant Clinic focuses on offering personalised care and concierge medical services coinciding with international standards of service and leading global knowledge. Spread across 15,000 square meters, it will incorporate state-of-the-art technology allowing integration across platforms such as wearable technology and mobile applications. The implementation of an electronic health record system will provide healthcare professionals with instant access to health records at the clinic. Valiant Clinic is managed by Houston Methodist Global Health Care Services, bringing an international presence from the Texas Medical Center-based Houston Methodist Hospital.